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Welcome to Sale Mania!

It’s not a sale, if it’s not a Sale Mania sale.


We are Australia’s newest and most exciting Online Marketing Platform allowing Australian businesses to efficiently provide cost saving offers to Australian families and shoppers by publishing their discounts on the Sale Mania site. Businesses can register with Sale Mania and quickly upload their Sales Catalogues, Special Offers and Product Brochures/Listings for Australian families to access and view their discounts anywhere, anytime.


For the general Australian public, regardless of where you live, you will always be able to track continuous savings for all your shopping needs across many categories including Groceries, Fashion, Travel, Department  Stores, Baby & Kids, Home & Furniture, Food & Beverage and many Building & Construction sectors – just to name a few. We have a vast network of companies that will  provide regular discounts and deals, which in turn enables Australian families and shoppers to access a wide range of sales offers and savings across industry lines – all year round.


We are Australian owned with extensive knowledge of the local Australian market and market cycles. We have a strong desire to help Australian Businesses to increase sales, whilst simultaneously assisting families to boost savings. This is a WIN-WIN for all Australians thanks to Sale Mania!


Our pledge is to continuously improve whilst seeking available discounts on new and exciting products around Australia. We welcome feedback that will assist us in improving our services and delivering high quality discounts directly to your phone, tablet and PC.


Please feel free to email us directly at info@salemania.com.au to make suggestions or comments. If you are a business owner/representative, you can also email us a request to be a participant or visit our Vendor Section by clicking “My Business Account” at the top right hand of this site. This facility is only available on your Desktop (PC and Mac).


Enjoy your cost saving and deal seeking experience at Sale Mania!


Our Contact Details:

Sale Mania

PO Box 161





Our Products

Sale Catalogues – Shows price of products by Retailers, Vendors and other Businesses. This could be items on sale or a highlight of completely priced products or items.

Product Brochures – Ideal for Businesses to introduce their product listing to potential customers. This is used by Businesses to expose the product range, styles, colours and specifications.

Special Offers – Customers can generally score great short-term deals by browsing the sale Mania Special Offers section. We have made it easy for all businesses (big and small) to provide Special offers to customers.


Business Pricing & Packages

If you are an Australian business looking to participate on our Sale Mania, please email us at info@salemania.com.au for package information and costings to suit your needs. Our packages are designed to suit all businesses (big or small).  Take advantage of our cross industry Marketing Leveraging.



Annual Registration

Annual Upload Package

Number of Sales catalogues OR Product Brochures – 12

Number of Special offers – 12



Annual Registration

Annual Upload Package

Number of Sales catalogues OR Product Brochures – 26

Number of Special offers – 26



Annual Registration

Annual Upload Package

Number of Sales Catalogues OR Product Brochures – Unlimited

Number of Special offers – Unlimited



Annual Registration

Low one-off Price per Sales Catalogue upload

Low one-off Price per Product Brochure (Under 10 pages)

Low one-off Price per Special Offers



Sales Catalogues – 1 month

Product Brochures – 6 months

Special offers – 1 Month


Please contact info@salemania.com.au for more information or for registration assistance.

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